Art exhibition during the #CITC2019

Whatever you do, get out this March and explore #CITC2019 as well as the new addition of the event, the art section.

Grab a friend (or fly solo) and immerse yourself in the center of Limassol for the 6th Cyprus International tattoo Convention 2019.
Like every year, at this next event we found ourselves lucky and came across these local talents that will be sharing their art with us during these 3 days.
For sure you’ll be talking about it long after.

Demetris A. Makariou


‘As an artist my journey begun since the beginning of time.
But in this lifetime I chose to come into life, in this physical body in the mid 80’s.

Long story short, after studying sound engineering, music production, film making, photography and graphic arts, I developed a wide mindset that is expressed through art with a musical pattern. The rhythm.

In the following art pieces you will notice the geometry, the colors and their relationship with each other, which makes the composition.

Like music, here the final art pieces are never known to me. I am developing them along the way. It’s like a progressive state of trance. It starts and it develops as time passes. Therefore, a small piece might take from one week up to 6 months or a year.

It comes and goes, just like the wind. And so my art, it is simple and complex simultaneously, depending on how deep I want to reach and know my self.

What do they depict?



More about this artist:

2C Design Box

2C Design Box is a creative multi-space located in Limassol – Cyprus.
Their team consists by experienced artists providing indoor & outdoor artworks, graphic design – visual identities – digital artworks/illustrations , TATTOO, video production/aerial cinematography & photography.

Iphigenias 20, 3036 (Limassol Down Town)
+357 7000 9102


Having a background in visual arts and being inspired by the unconscious mind, Artdose found his passion and devotion in surrealism.

Specializing in digital collages, he manages to create a surreal world revolving around today’s societal issues, ideologies and ethos.

Prepare yourself to tap into the collective unease of your mind through selected pieces of ArtDose404
at Cyprus International Tattoo Convention.

More info:
Instagram: art_dose404