Calligraphy style performance by Royal Venom

Raised on the mythical island of Cyprus – according to ancient myths a birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, passion, and beauty, My story takes back to the early 2000’s.

Obsessed with the arts from a very young age, enthralled by the raw beauty and sense of freedom that the craft provided.
Despite the fact that Cyprus was still in its ‘infant’ age in terms of residing graffiti styles, I was determined to get involved, and make a name for myself. What led me to organize one of the island’s first events where graffiti, breakdance, and skateboarding were finally all showcased. ⁣

Utterly dedicated to the mastery, I have received a bachelor’s degree in Art Design & Technology at Derby University (UK). Main Influences: Stickupkids, Mark Palmer (the ambigram
artist) Steve Locatelli, Paul Antonio Scribe, Zepha1, Theosone, Retna.

Motivated by a genuine pleasure for the process, I am actively in pursuit for “perfect” letters (the ever-moving target). While many say, “Practice makes perfect”, I fundamentally believe that analysis of practice makes perfect.

Calligraphy is the name of the game, and breadth of work is at an altitude that reflects the sheer amount of time i have spent on a paper perfecting my skill set. Bold, intricate, and diversified projects, with the absolute cleanest of letters. All at a level to blow viewers mind.



23rd SaturdayAwards design in calligraphy style
24th SundayCalligraphy body art painting

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