More & more gifts for our tattoo contests!!

Special custom made for one of the lucky winners of our Tattoo Contests!! Thank you Antony!

Antony C founded by Antony Chrysostomou – Machine Builder & Tattoo Artist
Antony is the first tattoo machine builder in Cyprus, and currently the only one.

His main goal is to provide fine Handmade tattoo machines, not to re-invent the wheel.

Antony C machines are built using first class materials such as brass or top quality iron 1018. All the parts are hand made by Antony with minimum use of machinery and Many years of tattoo experience, except from motors, screws and wires! Coils are custom made orders from top quality builders.

Antony Chrysostomou has the desire of taking machine building to the next level. That’s why he invests a lot of love, work and pride in his machines.

Hope you Enjoy them as much as we do!!