SATYRUS Skateboards

Savvinos (owner),

is a local artist born in Limassol and studied Mixed media in Boston (US) for five years.
Owner of “Αφυδάτων” Art gallery/studio based in Larnaca from 2003 – 2014.
Interests in Customizing Mannequins – life sized figures – Abstract Paintings/Graffiti walls etc.

He organised 5 “Graffiti Jams” in Larnaca city with international guest Graffiti artists.
Since a very young age art n skateboarding was his primary interest. Growing up’ the idea of combining these two ideas became a reality.

Along came SATYRUS (2016) a local skateboard brand based in Cyprus.
The biggest project was “LarnaCan Indoor skatepark” that lasted almost 3 years and now for the past year and a half he opened a Fresh Urban Skate shop named “LarnaCan” with the best skate brands/clothing/shoes and accessories.

For more info:
Instagram: satyrus_skateboards
Facebook: S A T Y R U S skateboards & LarnaCan Skateshop