What to Know Before Getting Tattooed at a Tattoo Convention.

Thinking about getting inked at a tattoo convention? Here are some insights to help you navigate the experience seamlessly.

Embrace the Noise

Tattoo conventions buzz with activity, and the sound of countless tattoo machines fills the air. Prepare for the noise by bringing headphones or earplugs to create your own oasis amidst the hustle and bustle. Although nowadays, a high percentage of tattoo artists use wireless battery charged machines that are much quieter.

Cash is King

Avoid the hassle of searching of an ATM with hefty fees by bringing cash with you. Plan your budget ahead of time and withdraw the necessary amount before arriving to ensure a smooth transaction process.

Dress for Comfort and Privacy

Select clothing that not only keeps you comfortable but also maintains your privacy during tattoo sessions. Remember, you’ll be in a public space, so choose attire that allows for easy access to the area you’re getting tattooed while keeping you appropriately covered.

Prepare for Social Interaction

As a living canvas at a convention, expect to attract attention and strike up conversations with curious onlookers. Be open to engaging with others, but if you prefer privacy, consider ways to politely manage the extra attention.

Fueling up

Do it before your tattoo appointment and keeping snacks handy for sustenance during or after the session. Opt for energy-boosting treats like chocolate to keep your spirits up.

Secure Your Spot

To ensure you get tattooed by your preferred artist, explore booking options in advance or arriving early to secure a slot. Artists may be in high demand, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment, but also remain flexible in case of last-minute openings or creative opportunities.

By heeding these tips, you can make the most of your tattoo experience at a convention while minimizing potential pitfalls.